What I Buy

I Buy the widest selection of scarce, vintage records: I Buy 78RPM Records, especially from 1923-38: Blues, Jazz, String Bands, Hot Dance Bands, Cajun and Gospel.

I also buy ALL SPEEDS of 1950’s and 1960’s Modern Bop Jazz, Blues, Rockabilly, Rock & Roll, Garage, R&B, Doo-Wop Vocal Groups and Soul.

I also buy Pre-1920’s Records on labels such as Berliner, Eldridge Johnson, Kalamazoo, Leeds, Monarch, and many others.

I am always looking for large amounts such as Radio DJ and amusement company jukebox stocks, unpicked radio station libraries, select collections and truly rare individual pieces-often on obscure labels.

I buy scarce, vintage records in the following 5 categories. First click on each link below to see examples. Then, if you have records for sale on these labels, contact me to discuss specifics.

I also buy:

  • Outside Horn Phonographs and Parts
  • Antique Cylinder and Disc Music Boxes.
  • Posters and other Record Company promotional items such as catalogs & displays
  • Sheet Music from 1895 to 1960 of Rags, Blues and Jazz songs as well as 1950’s sheets picturing Vocal Groups or single artists in R&B, Blues or Rock categories

Paul Solarski Rare Records
PO Box 355
Arlington TN, 38002
Phone: (901) 435-6668
E-mail: paulrecs@gmail.com

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