Cylinder records and early 78′s and Edison Diamond Discs

Cylinders: I buy all types of cylinder records from the usual Edison and Columbia brands to 20th Century, Albany Indestructable, Bettini, Lambert, North American , Pathe, etc. Especially looking for Edison Blue Amberol cylinders numbered 5000 and up.  
Early One-siders: For early flat disc records I am especially looking for 7 inch brands such as: Berliner, Busy Bee , Eldridge Johnson, Monarch, Zonophone and Victor. There are many brands of 10 inch one-sided records; they were produced prolifically in the early 1900’s and the value will be based on the recorded material and condition for the commoner labels and increased if the label is unusual or scarce.
Edison Disc records: I am the largest dealer in Edison Diamond Discs and are always looking for more. I am especially looking for labels numbered 52000 and up,
in addition to ANY thin Edison labels, both 10 and 12” records, that state “Needle Type” on the label.